Much Ado About Magic, by Shanna Swenson

Shanna Swenson is a local author, from Irving, Texas, who writes fantasy novels. The fifth novel in her popular Enchanted, Inc. series; Much Ado About Magic, will be out on August 15th. Ms. Swenson will also be at FenCon in Dallas in September.

The Enchanted, Inc. series follows Katie Chandler, a girl from a small Texas town who moves to New York City, and is overwhelmed by the strangeness she sees there—strangeness that no one else seems to notice. When Katie finds out she is a magical immune—magic doesn’t work on her–everything starts to make sense. Soon she’s working for Magic, Spells, and Illusions (MSI), and flirting with the cute—and very shy—Owen Palmer.

In Much Ado About Magic, New York has been hit with a magical crime wave, and as the new director of marketing, it’s Katie’s job to deflect some of the heat a rival company is directing at MSI. Owen is working hard to decipher the criminal spells, but the rival company is selling protective charms—charms that just might affect their wearers more than they imagine.

When a magical flu hits the city, it’s up to Katie to figure out what’s going on—while the rest of the company is sick. Soon she realizes the crime wave and the flu are linked, and may be part of a plot that has been in the works for decades. With suspicion falling on Owen, Katie has to prove who the real threat is, and unraveling the truth about Owen’s path is key.

The Enchanted, Inc. series is a fun, light-hearted series mixing the best elements of fantasy and chick-lit into its own special blend of magic. The characters, even minor ones, are vivid and memorable, and the world itself is richly imagined and enticing. Much Ado About Magic is a long-awaited and much anticipated romp in the further adventures of Katie Chandler.

(Galley provided via NetGalley)


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