Maybe the Muse is Here to Stay

I’ve been pretty consistent with the writing the past few weeks. My weekly word count goal has been 10k, and I’ve hit it all but one week out of the last three (and that week I wrote 7k, still not too shabby). I was getting a little off-track with Calder, but I did some brainstorming on Sunday, and I think I have a better grip on where things are going. I haven’t done any more outlining, but I do have a brief synopsis of the rest of the story.

My co-author and I have also started working on the zombie story again. Right now, I’m in the re-reading-because-it’s-been-so-long-I’ve-forgotten-what-we-wrote stage. The story is sitting at around 100k, and it’s all but finished, but it needs a lot of work, I’m not going to lie. We’re currently doing a lot of emailing back and forth about what works and what doesn’t, and I think we’re going to change the whole thing to rotating first-person POV. I’m also going to need someone with some military experience to read over my chapters (while not laughing at what I’m quite sure I got wrong), and give me some feedback. At the very least, killing people/zombies on the page as gruesomely as possible is always entertaining.

I also finally, finally started revising the werewolf story. It’s taken me almost a year to get my head straight enough to revise this story, but I’m so glad I finally got it together. I love this story. I really do. And with my editor’s suggestions, I’m hoping to make it the best I possibly can. And maybe self-publish it…

Too bad I can’t get my “real” life to go so well…

4 thoughts on “Maybe the Muse is Here to Stay

  1. Do you allow clandestine readers to comment.. 🙂 I have been sort of browsing thru your posts for the past month or so….You certainly have a lot of work in various stages. It is obvious that you enjoy writing. Thought I would mention that I am a retired Army officer (my first career..) and technical writer. I might be willing to be your military guinea pig—-if you were serious about that. In any event, I wish you much success in your writing.
    Be well…


    1. Thank you, Howard. Of course you’re welcome to comment. 🙂 I DO have a lot of work in various stages…sadly, I haven’t written much in the past year and a half, so I’m trying to get back on the horse, so to speak, and keep my motivation up. I WAS serious about needing a military guinea pig…when I get that MS in better shape. I want my characters to be true-to-life, and not just…caricatures.


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