The Dream Thief, by Maggie Stiefvater

Maggie Stiefvater is the best-selling author of the Shiver trilogy—about werewolves—the Books of Faerie—about homicidal faeries—the Scorpio Races—about an aquatic death race. Her new series, The Raven Boys, is about a group of teenagers on a quest to find a lost legend. The second book in the series, The Dream Thief, hits shelves this month.

Although the magical forest of Cabeswater and its ley lines have been woken, the group’s quest to find legendary Welsh king Glendower has not ended. Gansey’s obsession with the vanished king has not abated; it has only grown more intense. But the search has faltered with the disappearance of Cabeswater. The forest’s disappearance is not the only stumbling block the group faces. Noah, whose appearance depends on the very ley lines themselves, fades in and out of the group without his control. Ronan’s dreams have their claws firmly enmeshed in his reality. Dreaming objects into reality is one thing, but bringing monsters with him is something else. And Blue, daughter of the town psychic, is caught between her feelings, and the prophecy that says if she ever kisses her true love, he will die.

There is a Grey Man in town, on the hunt for the Greywaren; an object that allows its user to take objects from their dreams. The Grey Man, taking orders from his mysterious employer, isn’t the only one looking for the Greywaren. There are other strangers in town, even more dangerous than the Grey Man.

With a dark, atmospheric tone, The Dream Thief takes the mystery of Cabeswater and The Raven Boys down an even darker, more twisted path. Secrets are revealed, mysteries deepen, and hearts are broken in this second book in the series.

(Galley provided by scholastic via NetGalley)

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