Overcoming Inertia…or Fear

I want to start writing again.  I haven’t written anything–apart from a handful of blog posts–in six months.  I want to.  I’m just…scared.  My world is not what it was six months ago.  I’ve changed a lot.  I almost died.  Rediscovered my purpose.  Decided to link my dreams with that purpose.  I’m actively taking steps to make both dream and purpose a reality.  I’m changing schools and majors (two of those steps).  And my writing is another one of those steps.

But starting to write again is scary.  Coming up with an idea worthy of all my changes is intimidating.   And the thought of failing is terrifying.  Which leaves me mentally–and creatively–paralyzed.

Any ideas to get back on the horse again, so to speak?



2 thoughts on “Overcoming Inertia…or Fear

  1. Although my genre is “horror” I like to include (or try to include) the bigger themes as both the foundation and inspiration for the story…love, loyalty, courage , guilt etc… I find inspiration in classic poetry like Poe, Frost and Dickinson and also in reading inspirational quotes. I read these short things and often think “wow that’s it, that is what I want to say” – some of those ideas become stories some become essays…it might help.


    1. That’s actually a really good idea. Hadn’t thought of it like that. The story I was working on before was barely started, and I can alter a few things and make it fit my new vision, so that’s good….plus, it has zombies!


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