Criminal Confections, by Colette London

Criminal Confections, by Colette London (I do not own this image. Image belongs to Kensington publishers.)
Criminal Confections, by Colette London (I do not own this image. Image belongs to Kensington publishers.)

Colette London is a best-selling novelist with dozens of books to her credit. Her newest book, Criminal Confections, is the first book in the decadent Chocolate Whisperer series.

Chocolate is more than a dessert to Hayden Mundy Moore and the elite of the chocolate world, it’s a necessity of life, like breathing. Hayden is The Chocolate Whisperer; she goes into troubled chocolate businesses, finds out what the problem is, and helps them right the wrongs. When her current employer invites her to an elite chocolate retreat, she expects a fun time, and plenty of chocolate, of course.

What she gets is murder.

The chef winds up dead the first night, and as Hayden discovers more, she starts to wonder if perhaps she was the real target. Determined to find out, she starts asking questions. As the body count climbs, so do Hayden’s suspicions. Is it her demanding new boss? Perhaps the senile former boss? The rival chocolatier who knows too much? Or maybe her attractive best friend, Danny, who has a hidden dark side from his secret past?

The only two things Hayden knows for sure are that she really wants to solve this mystery before she winds up dead, and she wants to meet Trevor, her financial advisor with the sexy voice, in person after listening to all his good advice over the phone for far too long.

That doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

This light-hearted cozy mystery will have the reader hungry for more: more romps set in Hayden’s whirlwind world, more adventures with Danny by her side, more flirty conversations with Trevor, and more chocolate. Scrumptious recipes are included in the book, so at least there won’t be a wait for those, even if the next book in the series isn’t out until September.

(Galley courtesy of Kensington via NetGalley.)

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