Still Too Much to Do

How is it that my to-do list is longer now than it was before the semester ended?  Seriously? It’s summer. Aren’t I supposed to be relaxing and doing nothing? Ha. Hahahaha. Not so much.

On the up side, at least it isn’t full of homework! And 2/3 of the items on the list are now writing-related, so that’s a huge improvement. Granted, it’s not actual writing, but at least it’s related. I gotta have a little bit of relaxation, too, so there’s some of that. Planning on seeing the new Avengers movie later today. And hopefully a brief (3-mile) workout, too, if the weather will cooperate. I swear Noah will be here any minute, which makes it difficult to train for the 20+-mile hike of the Grand Canyon I’m going on…two weeks from tomorrow!

On a side note related to my to-do list…does anyone know anything about either or I’ve seen a few things, and I’m curious/interested. Just looking for a bit of hands-on info.

Have a blessed day!

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