Editing Stumbling Block

So, I’m almost finished with my first read-through of Witches (the third version). I’m not making many notes as I go, though. Nowhere as many as I thought I’d make. It’s not that the draft is clean. Far from it. It’s that the entire draft feels wrong.

What do I mean by that? I still love the characters and the story, but the POV and voice are far different from what I write now, and, as a result, this draft feels…I don’t know, clunky, distant, impersonal? Now I have to decide if I should continue on with the HTRYN process, or go back and update the voice and POV with what I know now.

This story was the first one I ever started to write, and even if it doesn’t ever see the light of day, I would like a version that I’m happy with. I am not happy with this version.


5 thoughts on “Editing Stumbling Block

  1. You may find editing it to your current voice may be more of a slog than just starting from scratch. When I was (and am still) editing Echoes, I found that if a chapter required a significant level of changes, it was better to just start the chapter from scratch rather than try to splice in the changes. The ones I tried to splice felt disjointed, where the ones rewritten from scratch read much better both from being all together more cohesive and reflecting my growth as a writer.

    Looking forward to reading this new version of Witches someday. 🙂 I still remember the version you workshopped through the Silver Griffin crit circle.


    1. To be honest, when I say I’m thinking of editing the voice, I mean basically re-writing each chapter for voice and the POV issues. I’d probably keep the basic premise of each chapter intact, but re-write. This is actually the third version of Witches, and far from the SG version, but it’s still in major need of work. How’s Echoes coming along? I really enjoyed it.


  2. If the current version feels distant and impersonal, what aspect of the story ARE you connecting to emotionally? It sounds like there is a feeling that you are not tapping into. That might be a good place to start with your next draft. Good luck!


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