Dragon Fall, by Katie MacAlister

(I do not own this image. Image property of Hodder & Stoughton).
(I do not own this image. Image property of Hodder & Stoughton).

Katie MacAlister has over thirty books to her credit, mostly romances, but paranormals and young adult books as well (as Katie Maxwell). Her newest release, Dragon Fall, is the first book in the steamy Dragon Falls series. It hits shelves today.

Aoife Dakar thinks an outdoor fair will be a fun change of pace. Little does she know that meeting a cute stranger, witnessing a supernatural murder, and having everyone think she’s crazy are really on the agenda. After recovering from her “mental breakdown,” Aoife returns to the scene of the murder looking for proof that she’s not crazy. Instead, she finds a smart-mouthed dog who’s really a demon, and a hot, naked man with an attitude.

Kostya is very attracted to Aoife, but he doesn’t have time for romance. He has bigger fish to fry, namely the curse that has put the dragon clans at war and is slowly killing them off. Breaking the curse is his only concern…until he realizes there may be more to her than meets the eye,

Dragon Fall is a light-hearted story about a woman who discovers that sanity is relative and that the world is a far different place then she ever imagined. The relationship that grows between Aoife and Kostya is charged with tension and marked by sparks of attraction that everyone around them can see, even if they themselves refuse to admit it. The demon-dog will have the reader laughing, even as his antics get on the nerves of Aoife and Kostya.

(Galley provided by Hodder & Stoughton via NetGalley.)

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