Searching for Words Beyond Emotion

I haven’t done any writing or revisions in the past week. Mentally, I just wasn’t up to it. Before I experienced depression for myself, I never realized how much my emotions could affect my brain.  Does that make sense?  Okay, before depression, I never realized that I just kept plowing through, no matter my mental state.  Now however…I’m pretty susceptible to my emotions throwing me off my game.  Stress. Exhaustion. Tension.  Anger.  Not just depression. And no, I’m not depressed. But one of my patients died last week unexpectedly, someone I took care of for four years and chatted and joked with. I didn’t realize how much he lifted my spirits at 5 a.m., and I’m feeling his loss. That sadness makes it hard to focus on the words.

But I’m working on it. Words have power, after all, and strength is a positive thing.

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