Avoiding Alpha, by Aileen Erin

(I do not own this image. Image property of Ink Monster, LLC.)
(I do not own this image. Image property of Ink Monster, LLC.)

Aileen Erin is a self-professed nerd—from Star Wars to Star Trek—and all things elvish, courtesy of J.R.R. Tolkien. She writes the Alpha Girls series. The second book is Avoiding Alpha.

Tessa McCaide’s life has changed dramatically in a short time. In California, she was “freaky Tessa” who saw visions and had no friends. In Texas, after one brief encounter with a cute guy, she is now a werewolf at St. Alibe’s, learning about things she never knew existed. Witches aren’t news to her, since her mother’s family are all powerful brujas, but vampires? And what’s this whole thing about magic, mates, and curses? Thankfully, she has her new best friend Meredith at her side to help her navigate the dangerous waters of her new world.

But when Meredith suddenly falls ill, Tessa realizes she can no longer just dabble in her new reality. The curse that suppresses Meredith’s wolf is now killing her, and Tessa will have to defy her pack leader and tradition, as well as make a deal with her black-magic-wielding aunt if she’s to save Meredith’s life. But returning to the family circle means Tessa will lose even more of herself than she already has. Can Tessa break the curse without turning her back on her werewolf side?

Avoiding Alpha is full of conflict, both internal, as Tessa wars with herself and her fears, and external, as she fights everyone around her in her efforts to save Meredith. Her relationship with her mate, Dastien, deepens, but Tessa’s fears stand in the way of her fully embracing her werewolf side. Through this book, Tessa battles the fears that threaten to trap her in a circle of doubts and worry, as she tries to beat an unbreakable curse to save her best friend’s life.

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