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I’ve been doing quite a few book reviews, since I usually get a bit behind with those during the semester. I’ve also started going through the plethora of e-books I got for free at some point. There are so many of those hanging out on my Kindle that it gets discouraging when I think about it.  Sure, some free e-books are worth about what I paid for them, but some of them are truly worthwhile finds.  The last two I’ve read have actually been really enjoyable.

Lulu’s Cafe, by T.I. Lowe:  Honestly, I enjoyed this book so much!  The main character, Leah, has been through a horrific, abusive relationship that she is desperate to escape from when she ends up in the small town of Rivertown.  She’s taken in by Lulu, who recognizes a woman in need of healing, but Southern gentleman Crowley is not so easily convinced. Leah’s journey is wrenching, but life in Rivertown is so enchanting that I wanted to move there!

Embers, by Karen Ann Hopkins:  I do read a lot of YA paranormal, but this one was different, and I enjoyed it so much.  I had a few personal issues with the mythos here, but I liked the characters a lot.  The setting was a totally different choice for a paranormal, too, and that made it really refreshing.

7 thoughts on “Recent Reads

  1. But I heard your absolute favorite was The Creepers Saga and that if you were on a desert island it would be the only series you’d need lol…okay maybe a stretch. You know I still can’t enjoy the ebook format yet even though I read so many other things on the screen…odd.


    1. Obviously, The Creepers Saga is my favorite apocalyptic series. But, seriously, isn’t it bad enough that I have to wait until October for The Walking Dead? When is your next installment going to be available? Inquiring minds want to know….e-books took me a long time to get used to. I still prefer actual books, but for instant gratification (or free books), it’s hard to beat my Kindle.


      1. October!!!! noooooo. well there is Fear the Dead starting sunday. My 3rd installment is done and off to CreateSpace…so September I guess, but free copy is always available for my favorite reviewer 🙂


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