Skeleton Plot, by J.M. Gregson

(I do not own this image.  Image belongs to Severn House.)
(I do not own this image. Image belongs to Severn House.)

J.M. Gregson is an English writer who taught for 27 years before moving to writing full-time. He writes about a variety of subjects, from golf to murder. His newest book, Skeleton Plot, is a Lambert and Hook Mystery, and hits shelves September 1st.

When a teenager helps his grandfather with the gardening, he finds a skull buried in the ground. An old skull. No one knows whom it belongs to, or if they do, they aren’t admitting to it. Now detectives John Lambert and Bert hook are investigating a cold case from 20 years ago.

In the small community where the skull is found, most people know everyone else, so it’s no surprise that everyone has a theory about who killed the victim. A lucky break identifies the remains, but doesn’t help narrow down the suspect list. The pair of detectives will have to see past the pointing fingers and festering animosities of bygone conflict if they are to figure out who’s responsible for the mysterious skull.

Skeleton Plot is the latest in a long line of Lambert and Hook books, but new readers will have no problem keeping up. The characters are distinctive and realistic, with all the drama common in small towns. This is a standard police drama that will feel comfortable to readers of this genre.

(Galley provided by Severn House via NetGalley.)

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