What I’m Reading Now: February

Reading is always a priority for me. However, I’ve been super busy lately, so it fades a bit under the need for sleep while working 12-14 hour days.  With only small increments of time at my disposal, I’m reading several things, in tiny chunks. So, here’s what I’m reading currently:

  1. Suddenly Spellbound, by Erica Lucke Dean. (Just started it, but I like the breezy voice.)
  2. Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell. (Will always be my favorite, but only time for a little bit at a time right now.)
  3. The Awakening, by Kate Chopin. (Just a few chapters in, but I’m liking it a lot.)
  4. Beginning Theory, by Peter Barry. (Quite dense textbook.)
  5. Fatal Revenant, by Stephen R. Donaldson. (Considering this series has been around since the year I was born, I’m really loving it.)

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