No Witness but the Moon, by Suzanne Chazin

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Suzanne Chazin is the award-winning author of the Fire series and the Jimmy Vega novels. Her newest novel is No Witness but the Moon, the third Jimmy Vega novel.

Police detective Jimmy Vega is called to the scene of an upscale home invasion and sees a man fitting the description of the armed invader fleeing into the woods. Jimmy follows, and when the suspect reaches into his pocket, is forced to make the decision no good cop wants to make:  to shoot or not to shoot.

Jimmy’s choice upends lives in the New York community, as well as Jimmy’s relationship with his girlfriend, Adele, head of a local immigrant center. Jimmy’s investigation uncovers links between the dead man and his own mother’s brutal, unsolved murder, and Jimmy’s status as a disgraced cop only lends further scrutiny to his action. Jimmy’s discovery of shocking evidence makes him realize that someone doesn’t want the truth about what happened out there, and that someone will do anything to stop him finding out.

No Witness but the Moon is fiction about the issues of today, including racial profiling, immigration, and cop shootings. As such, it feels very relevant and on-point, but it also explores the way the media portrays events to suit its need for a sensational story…not the need to tell the truth. Jimmy Vega is a good character:  he’s a good cop forced to make a hard choice, and dealing with the consequences of his actions as he accepts the responsibility while also struggling to find out the truth.

(Galley provided by Kensington via NetGalley.)

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