What I Read in November

Late again, as usual, but I had a week’s vacation in November, so I read a lot (It was great.).

The 20 books I read in November:

As I Lay Dying, by William Faulkner. (Classic book for the month.)


Did I Mention I Miss You? by Estelle Maskame. (Read to review)

Uncle Vanya, by Anton Chekhov. (For school.)

Tamer of Horses, by Amalia Carosella (Will review.)

To Capture What We Cannot Keep, by Beatrice Colin. (Will review.)


Every Mountain Made Low, by Alex White. (Read to review.)


Unnatural Deeds, by Cyn Balog. (Read to review.)


No Witness but the Moon, by Suzanne Chazin. (Read to review.)


One Was Lost, by Natalie D. Richards. (Read to review.)


The Cabin, by Natasha Preston. (Read to review.)


Heir of Thunder, by Karissa Laurel. (Read to review.)


The Homecoming, by Stacie Ramey. (Read to review.)


Humble Roots, by Hannah Anderson (Read to review.)


A Whole Latte Murder, by Caroline Fardig. (Read to review.)


Nutshell, by Ian McEwan. (Read to review.)

Cast in Flight, by Michelle Sagara. (Read because I love this series!)


Unfolding, by Jonathan Friesen. (Read to review.)

Your Inner Fish, by Neil Shubin. (Book from the TBR pile.).

Gods at War, by Kyle Idleman. (Spiritual book for the month.)

Heavenly Help, by Sarah Bowling. (Bonus spiritual book or the month.)


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