2 Books I Stopped Reading, 2 Books I Loved (Not a Review)

Life has been super busy for me lately, so I haven’t written a book review. I’ve been reading—some—just haven’t progressed to the review state of things.

I have actually stopped reading two books lately, which is hard for me. Normally, once I start reading, I’ll finish the book even if it’s just sort of “meh.” I finally broke that habit a couple of years ago.

The first book I stopped reading was The Idiot, by Elif Batuman. I didn’t stop reading this because the writing was horrible or anything like that. It’s set in 1995, when the internet was new, and that was kind of fun. But I could not feel a connection to the main character, and the whole disembodied and theoretical email relationship between the MC and her love interest just felt so awkward and forced that I couldn’t deal with it anymore. The Amazon page has a quote from GQ that this is “Easily the funniest book I’ve read this year,” and I…must not have gotten to the funny parts, despite having read about half the book. Or possibly I’m not smart enough to catch the humor?

The second book was The Dhow House by Jean MCNeil. I wanted to like this book. The writing was fantastic. But the MC was so…out-of-it that I couldn’t really care. The setting was fascinating, but so outside of my realm of experience that I couldn’t really picture it, and the MC’s family was so superficial that I had to put the book down. I read about a third of this before stopping.

I did stumble across two books in B & N on Sunday that caught my eye:  H2O and The Storm, by Virginia Bergin. These are dystopian books about what happens when rain becomes almost-instantly fatal. In England, no less. The MC, Ruby, is a completely normal teenager whom I found slightly annoying in the first book, but still likeable, if superficial. She’s pretty young, I think. I enjoyed her much more in the second book, and would gladly read more of these books if they existed.


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