What I Read in April

April was a pretty good reading month for me. I read 13 books, for a total of 45 books. My goal is 100 books for the year, and I’m pretty sure I’ll hit that.

Walking to Listen

Walking to Listen, by Andrew Forsthoefel (Read to review.) Andrew set out to walk across America, wearing a sign that read “Walking to Listen.” He met many incredible people who helped him on his way. I love the idea of this, but I’d probably be too terrified to do it.

The yellow envelope

The Yellow Envelope, by Kim Dinan. (Read to review.) A memoir about a woman and her husband who sell everything and travel the world. Friends give them a yellow envelope filled with money, and the instructions to give it away. I love the message of this book, and it really made me want to travel.

H20, by Virginia Bergin. (For fun.) When rain—and other water—becomes deadly, survival takes more thought than I imagined. It’s more than no drinking water (unless it’s bottled). No shower. No walks in the rain. Definitely no fishing. Interesting premise with a MC that started off quite annoying (she’s a teenager who’s suddenly on her own in a whole new world). I enjoyed this.

The Storm, by Virginia Bergen. (For fun.) The follow-up to H2O, with the MC a whole lot more likeable.

all the forever things

All the Forever Things, by Jolene Perry. (Read to review.) A quirky girl who lives in a funeral home finds her life changed when her best friend starts dating a boy they both used to hate, and she must survive high school on her own. Loved this.

a twist in time

A Twist in Time, by Julie McElwain. (Read to review.) When an FBI agent finds herself in 1800s England, her survival skills are no match for the rules of the Ton. But she puts her investigative skills to work to solve the murder of a Lady whom no one seems to like.


Beartown, by Fredrik Backman. (Read to review.) A dying hockey town on the edge of resurrection when the junior boys team makes it to the semi-finals is ripped apart by the trauma of one girl, which sets the townspeople against each other. Fantastic book!

brew or die

Brew or Die, by Caroline Fardig. (Read to review.) Lighthearted story about Juliet, the coffee shop manager who sleuths on the side, as she investigates a murder and corporate wrongdoing, as her past comes back to haunt her. I really enjoy this series.

Lady Susan, by Jane Austen. (Classic.) Eh. I did not enjoy this book. Lady Susan was a horrible person.

Pandemic, by A.G. Riddle. (For fun.) Although a lot of the science and technical stuff was way over my head, I enjoyed this read. The end of the world as we know it…at the hands of a secret group of scientists with an agenda thousands of years in the making.

The Alchemist, by Paula Coelho. (Cultural book.) Both enjoyable and magical.

Lady in Waiting, by Jackie Kendall. (From the TBR pile.)

Dream Big, Think Small, by Jeff Manion. (Spiritual book.) Lots of food for thought here, about small, consistent steps that yield big results.

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