What I Read in April (2021)

Books Read in April: 19

Books Read for the Year:  77/250

Topical Books/Monthly Goal Books:

Wings of Fury, by Emily R. King (TBR). This was just a “meh” read for me.

A Court of Thorns and Roses, by Sarah J. Maas (TBR, re-read). Why did I stop reading this series? Can’t wait to read the next one!

A Poison Dark and Drowning, by Jessica Cluess (TBR). I’m enjoying this series!

Forever Odd, by Dean Koontz (Re-read). I just love this series.

Stronger than the Struggle, by Havilah Cunnington (spiritual). Excellent read.

For Review:

Just Get Home, by Bridget Foley. This was a decent read, although I didn’t like the MC very much. She was basically useless and ineffectual.

Blessed Monsters, by Emily A. Duncan. I loved this entire trilogy, and this was a fitting ending to it. Very,very dark, but riveting.

The Last Bookshop in London, by Madeline Martin. This was an excellent read! I loved the bookshop itself, and the love of reading it fostered. And, it was nice to read a novel of World War II that wasn’t all dark and gloomy.

The Bookstore on the Beach, by Brenda Novak. This was an okay read, but I think there was too much going on to give any of the plotlines justice.

The Sign of Death, by Callie Hutton. I enjoyed this cozy mystery set in Victorian England just as much as the first one in the series. The unconventional heroine is a lot of fun—although I could do without the froufrou dog.

Bitterroot Lake, by Alicia Beckman. The setting here—and the lodge itself—is almost a character in its own right, and the descriptions made me want to visit, but there was never much question in my mind who the actual killer was, although the author tried to throw out some red herrings.

When the Stars Go Dark, by Paula McLain. I enjoyed this thriller, especially the parts in the past in the woods.

Death with a Double Edge, by Anne Perry. I think this was the first Anne Perry book I’ve read. It was a solid read, but the ending felt a little too easy for me.

Maggie Finds Her Muse, by Dee Ernst. I thoroughly enjoyed this read! The heroine isn’t some young 20-something. She’s in her late 40s, and she’s still struggling with what she wants to do with her life, so when she ends up in Paris and meets a handsome Frenchman and her ex-husband wants to reconnect, well, there’s a lot going on. This was so much fun!

How to Train Your Earl, by Amelia Grey. This was a solid historical romance. It delivered on the promises of the genre, but wasn’t a standout, although it tried to make its heroine unique.

Sweetshop of Dreams, by Jenny Colgan. I enjoyed this so much! The setting, the characters, the story itself—all worked together wonderfully!

Mother May I, by Joshilyn Jackson. This was a good read, but it wasn’t my favorite Joshilyn Jackson novel (that would be gods in Alabama, if you want to know). I love her Southern fiction, and this was more of a thriller, so that was a little disappointing, but it was still a solid thriller—and I did not see the ending coming!

A Tale of Two Cookies, by Eve Calder. This is a sweet, fun series that I really enjoy. Cookies and cozy mysteries!

Just Because:

The Year of Living Happy, by Alli Worthington. This was a lovely daily devotional.

Leap into Love, by Havilah Cunnington. I enjoyed this bible study read.

Left Unfinished:

The Dictionary of Lost Words, by Pip Williams. This should have been fascinating, but I found it so slooow.

The Space Between Two Deaths, by Jamie Yourdon. I didn’t make it very far in this, as I just found it boring. It might have picked up and the setting intrigued me, but not enough to force myself to slog through it.

The Last Exiles, by Ann Shin. This just started off way too slow for me. Solid writing, just not good timing for me.

The Good Sister, by Sally Hepworth. I made it about 15%, but I just didn’t really care for either sister.

Sea of Kings, by Melissa Hope. I made it about 15% through this. I don’t expect middle-grade novels to be as nuanced as adult or even YA books, but this felt clunky and kind of a Harry Potter meets Under the Sea feel.

Under the Southern Sky, by Kristy Woodson Harvey. This just didn’t catch my attention in the first 10%.

When in Vanuatu, by Nicki Chen. There were a lot of books this month that I DNF. This one just didn’t catch my interest.

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