The Best Books I Read in April (2021)

I read 19 books in April, most of them solid reads, a few not-so-good, and three really excellent ones.

Blessed Monsters, by Emily A. Duncan. This is the ending to a fantastic trilogy! These books are dark and bloody, with grim magic and vivid characters, and are well-worth reading!

Maggie Finds Her Muse, by Dee Ernst. This read was an excellent bit of fun! It’s billed as a romantic comedy, but I think it’s just more of lighthearted read about an almost-50 woman who finally figures out what she wants out of life. In Paris, of course.

Sweetshop of Dreams, by Jenny Colgan. This was also an excellent light read. When a Londoner ends up in a tiny English village, neither the village or the Londoner are ready. This was just a fun, enjoyable read, perfect for a weekend or vacation read.

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