Book Review:  His Road to Redemption, by Lisa Jordan

Image belongs to Harlequin.

TitleHis Road to Redemption
Author:   Lisa Jordan
Genre:   Romance
Rating:  3.8 out of 4

A veteran in need of a fresh start will get more than he bargained for…

 Veteran Micah Holland’s scars go deeper than anyone knows. An inheritance from his mentor could be a new beginning—if he shares the inherited goat farm with fiercely independent Paige Watson. Now the only way they can keep the farm is to work together. But first Micah must prove he’s a changed man to keep his dream and the woman he’s falling for.

This was a sweet, fast read. I felt like the point-of-view was a little more distant than it should have been—it was more telling how the characters felt/acted than showing—but it was a decent read. I liked how involved both of the main characters were with their families, and their desire to want to help others.

Lisa Jordan has written for Love Inspired since 2011. His Road to Redemption is her newest novel.

(Galley courtesy of Harlequin in exchange for an honest review.)

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