Book Review and Blog Tour:   An Affair at Stonecliffe, by Candace Camp

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Title:    An Affair at Stonecliffe
AuthorCandace Camp  
Genre:    Romance
Rating:  4 out of 5

Noelle Rutherford will never be accepted by the London ton. Her late husband, Adam—a free-spirited aristocrat with bohemian tendencies—married her for love, much to the dismay of his well-heeled family.

In the wake of Adam’s death, Noelle is approached by Carlisle Thorne, who was raised as a brother to Adam. Noelle is horrified when the severe, irascible Carlisle offers her money in exchange for taking her young son, Gil, to be raised at the Rutherford estate, Stonecliffe.

Convinced that Carlisle will use any means necessary to take Gil from her, Noelle flees, hiding from Carlisle and the Rutherfords for five long years. But Carlisle never stopped looking for them.

When he finally catches up, it’s clear that each has made wrongful assumptions about the other, and grudging mutual respect gives way to a close bond that is both lively and tender.

And when Noelle and Gil find themselves in danger from someone after Gil’s inheritance, she and Carlisle must work together to protect what matters most—even if it means losing their hearts.

I really liked Noelle, and I enjoyed this read. I liked the mystery running through it, and all the supporting characters were well-done and intriguing. The characterization, as Noelle and Carlisle go from being enemies to lovers was fun to read, and this was a sweet story with a vein of strength and attitude through it.

Candace Camp is a bestselling author. An Affair at Stonecliffe is her newest novel.

(Galley courtesy of Harlequin in exchange for an honest review.)

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