What I Read in May (2022)

Books Read in May: 16
Books Read for the Year:  98/250

Topical Books/Monthly Goal Books:

God is Able, by Priscilla Shirer (spiritual). I enjoyed this re-read.
The Raven Spell, by Luanne G. Smith (TBR). This was a bit odd at first, but I liked the characters.
A Perilous Persepctive, by Anna Lee Hubbard (TBR). I didn’t even realized this was about to come out, but I loved it, just like I’ve loved the entire series.
The Black Witch, by Laurie Forest (re-read). I’d forgotten how GOOD this was!
Anne of Manhattan, by Brina Starler (TBR). Not a fan of this re-telling.

For Review:

Veil, by Dylan Farrow. I hadn’t read the first book in this series, Hush, but I don’t think that mattered much. It was a decent fantasy read.

Part of Your World, by Abby Jimenez. I loved this read! I was laughing on the first page. The snark, sarcasm, and banter were fantastic. Calling Spanx “Satan’s underwear” really set the tone for this read. Highly recommend!

It Could Be Anyone, by Jaime Lynn Hendricks. Talk about a cast of characters that are just all horrible people! The only reason I finished reading this was because it was a quick read.

Herrick’s End, by T. M. Blanchet. I enjoyed this fantasy. It was unique and intriguing, and I loved the MC and all his flaws.

Kagen the Damned, by Jonathan Maberry. This took me a really long time to read, but I enjoyed it. The different culturers were fantastic, and the banger between Kagen and his friend was absolutely hysterical.

Sweet Home Alaska, by Jennifer Snow. This was just a “meh” read about people who didn’t bother to communicate with each other.

An Affair at Stonecliffe, by Candace Camp. I enjoyed this sweet romance.

The Honeymoon Cottage, by Lori Foster. Another “meh” read with the MCs family being just absolutely horrible people—and pointlessly so.

Bloomsbury Girls, by Natalie Jenner. This started off slowly, but I ended up really enjoying it. I loved all three women’s stories, and their willingness to step outside the boxes society put them in.

Fatal Flowers, by Jess Dylan (review forthcoming). This was a light, cozy mystery read.

Happy Happy Happy, by Nicola Masters (review forthcoming). Despite Charlie’s overwhelming selfishness and her refusal to see truth, I ended up enjoying this quite a bit.

Left Unfinished:

The Treehouse on Dog River Road, by Catherine Drake. I found the main character pretty frivolous and unlikable.

Starry-Eyed Love, by Helena Hunting. I barely finished the book before this about these characters, and I gave up really early on in this. The characters were just too much for me.

My Wife Is Missing, by D.J. Palmer. I’m not sure how, but I read 33% of this before realizing I didn’t like either of the MC and I didn’t care at all what happened to them.

The Summer Place, by Jennifer Weiner. I read about 10% of this, but didn’t feel the slightest connection with or interest in these characters.

The Boardwalk Bookshop, by Susan Mallery. This just wasn’t a good fit for me. I liked Mikki and Ashley, but I could not stand Bree and her absolute self-absorption, so I didn’t make it very far into this.

It All Comes Down to This, by Therese Anne Fowler. I tried. I read about 20%, but these sisters were so…self-absorbed and superficial I couldn’t stand it.

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