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No, I Haven’t Fallen Off The Face Of The Earth…

…Why do you ask? I did go on a trip home to Texas at the end of March for a week, so that kind of knocked me out of my routine. But now I’m getting back into the swing of things, and making significant progress.

I’ve finished up this round of edits for the Atlantis story, now tentatively titled Heart of the Sea. I’ll be looking for beta readers for it soon, but I think this draft is stronger than the last one. I’m a little too close to it at this point to be sure, so only time will tell.

The zombie story is actually coming along quite well. The rest of it is completely figured out and outlined. Yay! I think that’s one thing that sort of held me back when I worked on my chapters: not knowing quite how everything would work out. Roughly twelve chapters left, so maybe three months or so until the first draft is finished. The chapter I’m working on now should be fun, lots of zombie blood and guts!

The werewolf story is actually smoothing out now. I went back and wrote a couple of chapters over the main turning point in Chance’s life. I wanted to get the details of what had happened worked out in my mind, and I wanted to see if my first instinct to start in the other spot was correct. It was, but writing those chapters gave me a much better feel for the story itself and what’s going on. Surprisingly, it’s going well, considering I’m working outline-free.

The sequel to Witches is going very well right now. I’m about 30k in, and the characters, my old friends, are still very much alive and breathing for me. I know where this one is going, and I’m having a lot of fun. It’s good to get back to my oldest set of characters. I’m hoping everything keeps coming together like it has been.


Falling Behind Already

I did have some big, audacious goals for this year. I wanted to write half of my werewolf story this month. So far, I’m on chapter two. 🙂 For a while there, Chance didn’t have much to say to me, so writing just wasn’t happening. Now, I’m struggling with not knowing where the story goes next. Apparently, writing without an outline just doesn’t work for me. At all. So I clearly need an outline before I go any farther.

Which (sort of) brings me to the next thing: I signed up for Holly Lisle’s How To Think Sideways class. I’m doing the 12-month course, so I’ve only received the first lesson, but I’ve been reading the comments and questions on the boards, and I really think I can get a lot from this class. So I’ve decided to use the werewolf story for HTTS. Which means I won’t be actually writing it just yet. Not that that means I won’t get it done this year. Just that I won’t be doing it exactly when I had planned.

Other than that, I’m in the middle of a novel swap with someone (the Atlantis story), and I’m about to swap the 2YN story with someone else. Of course, neither one of those crits were in my plans for this year, but I’m really enjoying the one I’m working on, and looking forward to the next. I always learn so much doing crits.

And that’s it for me. For now, anyway.

Editing and Planning

I’ve been getting a good amount of work done lately. Editing on the Atlantis story is going well. The writing is still much stronger than I remembered, which pleases me. I haven’t made any major changes yet, but I know the latter part of the story will probably need some additional work. Nerina is a much more well-defined character than I remember her being, but being in her head comes back easily to me, and so does being in that world. I think that’s a good sign.

I’ve got two chapters to write in the zombie story. One of them is pretty straightforward. The other will probably end up being dark and tense, with the characters expecting the boogeyman to jump out at any second. (Hey, it’s a story about zombies. What did you expect?) Also on the zombie front, I ordered Mark Henry’s Happy Hour of the Damned. It sounds pretty funny, and I’m looking forward to reading it.

Last, but far from least, I’m still doing pre-work on the YA werewolf story. I was at the mall a few days ago, and saw a pair of shoes that the female MC would definitely wear. They were black Mary Janes with little skulls and crossbones on them.

Me: “Oh, those shoes are perfect for Chance. She would love them!”
My younger brother (looking confused): “Who is Chance?”

And then I went home and happily spent an hour Googling Goth clothes and picking out outfits for Chance to wear. It’s sad, really. And I’m afraid she likes pink. That, to me, doesn’t go so well with the whole Goth idea, but she’s determined she will also have a pair of hot pink Doc Marten boots. Go figure. I don’t even like pink! She’s coming through loud and clear. Now if only her brother, Cade, would start speaking up for himself…

The Results of the Mini-Vacation!

I’ve actually had quite a productive week. I accomplished everything that was on my to-do list last weekend, and of course, I have another list for this weekend, since I have four more days off. I enjoy being off, I just won’t enjoy the paycheck. But, I’m determined to get work done while I have the time.

I still have the two partially finished zombie chapters. Although now, thanks to the brainstorming session with my co-writer, I know what’s supposed to happen in the latter part of both chapters. I just have to write them. Much mayhem must ensue. Zombie attacks! In both chapters! Fun! In slightly related news, my co-writer is showing some interest in finishing a story she began over five years ago (before her beautiful daughter Reyna came along). It’s about shapeshifters, and the three chapters she has done are wonderful, so I really hope she does finish it.

The 2YN story…is going great. I sat down to write last weekend, and the chapter just flowed off my fingertips! Three new characters I was unaware of just jumped on the page. I’ve also finished about half of another chapter, and that’s going well also.

The NaNo Atlantis story is going okay. I’m about two thirds of the way through it, so the end is in sight. Which means all the really fun stuff is coming up soon. I get to destroy Atlantis, so that should be entertaining, and hopefully, believable.

I’m planning to get those two zombie chapters finished up this weekend, finish at least the half-done chapter of the 2YN story, and do another chapter of the NaNo story. So, wish me luck!

And the Week Goes On…

What have I been doing this week, you ask? Okay, maybe you didn’t ask, but I’m sure you were wondering. You were wondering, right? Right. Okay. Well, so what I did this week…

I only wrote about 1500 words in the 2YN story. Not what I wanted, but more than the week before. I’ve decided not to worry so much about not writing in this story right now. I’ve got a lot going on in my personal life that’s making it rather difficult to write (Have you ever tried to work on the computer with insanely excruciating sharp, shooting pains in your neck? Not an easy task, let me tell you. Not to mention the potential for an out-of-state move.). So, I’m just not worrying about it. I will be attempting to get my word count this weekend, though, since it’s the last week before NaNo madness ensues.

And speaking of NaNo madness, I have all but two phases of my outline done! Yay! Of course, I have to go back and flesh out a couple of the phases (more like 5 or 6), to make sure I have all the necessary details included. At first, I was a little sketchy on some of the important things, but I think I have it figured out now. I’ve decided that it’s Hades who is trying to overthrow Poseidon. And I’ve always like Hades as a character (Admittedly, most of that liking is based on the cartoon Hercules. But still.) So, now that I’ve figured that out, I get to go back and add the really cool details in (like the Underworld scenes). I’m planning on finishing all that up tonight. Oh, and I stocked up on caffeine and chocolate: three kinds of chocolate, two flavors of coffee, two different flavors of energy drinks, and two more flavors of tea (in addition to the five or so I already have). I am ready!

Also on the slate for this weekend: New chapter in the zombie story (needs to be done tonight or early tomorrow morning), do a crit for one of my writing group, do the next assignment for the 2YN story, word count for 2YN story, print out the “new” chapters for Witches, make an outline for the new version of Witches, make an editing plan for Witches, and get the little things ready for NaNo (spreadsheet, disk). And that’s all!

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Confession time: I haven’t been very productive this week. Not at all. I haven’t done any work on the 2YN story. None. Shadows is in limbo right now. Witches, well, I hope to do a little something with it this weekend.

The Atlantis story is the only thing I’ve worked on at all this week. I’ve done a little bit of outlining. Then I hit a wall, with no motivation or reason for my character to be doing what she was doing. But then I had an idea that would solve the whole issue. So now I just have to do some more research. Anyone know which god would be jealous of Poseidon?

Oh, I did do a tiny bit of work on the zombie story. I fixed a couple of things in my chapter. We decided that I needed another chapter to show how nasty one of the males in my original chapter is, so I’ll be working on that tonight.

And that’s all I’ve done this week. Sad, really. I think I needed a mental break.

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Merely an Update

Things have been pretty hectic this week, what with starting a new position at work and all, so I’m just going to go with a proogress update for today. Hmm. Let’s see.

2YN: Last week, I caught up with my word count goal. I’ve already hit my goal for this week, and the story is progressing nicely (already a few unexpected twists in there).

Shadows: No progress so far this week, except for printing out the few chapters I’ve edited. I intend to get up early in the morning and revisit at least the first chapter.

Witches: Absolutely no progress to report on this one.

NaNo 2007: (the Atlantis story) No progress yet, but the goal is to start researching names this week, which should be fun. Haven’t quite decided if I’m going to go for Greek-type names or not.