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Sundays Are for Writing #211

This week, I wrote two book reviews—Son of the Poison Rose, by Jonathan Maberry and Wildblood, by Lauren Blackwood. I also wrote my January reading post, and the best books I read in January. Texas was hit with an ice storm on Monday, so I went to stay with a friend Monday around noon until Friday, so I’d be closer to work (20 minutes as opposed to 60). I work in healthcare, so staying home wasn’t an option. I’m glad it’s warmed up and melted!

Happy writing!

Sundays Are for Writing #210

This week, I wrote two book reviews: One Duke Down, by Anna Bennett and Against the Currant, by Olivia Matthews. I’m fine with that–and hoping to improve in the future. My schedule is changing again this next week, from five days a week to four, so I’m hoping I get more rest…AND time/energy to write.

Happy writing!

Sundays Are for Writing #209

This week, I only got one book review written, A Guide to Being Just Friends, by Sophie Sullivan. I’m actually fine with that, as I worked almost 50 hours…and there was a LOT of stress at work. I’m also mentally playing with an idea for a writing project, so that’s exciting.

Happy writing!

Sundays Are for Writing #205

Merry Christmas!

I did manage to write one book review this week, but it was for a blog tour for a book I DNFed. Life’s too short to read bad books…or books about characters I don’t like. That review will be up Thursday, and it will be the last one of the year. For the last week, I’ve been able to read just for fun (not reviews), which has been glorious.

Happy writing!