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Sundays Are for Writing #228

This was a very challenging week. I wrote one book review, Painted Devils, by Margaret Owen, my May reading post, and my best books I read in May post. I also worked 50+ hours at work, and I am tired. I didn’t get much reading done during the week. I’m really hoping this next week is a bit easier.

Happy writing!

Sundays Are for Writing #227

This was a decent writing week: I wrote two book reviews, The Viscount Who Vexed Me, by Julia London and The Dueling Duchess, by Minerva Spencer. I also did a little bit of work on my story idea. I need to make some decisions on setting and culture, so I can push through my inertia there.

Happy writing!

Sundays Are for Writing #224

This was a decent writing week: I wrote three book reviews (Warrior Girl Unearthed, The Secret Book of Flora Lea, and The Last One to Fall by Gabriella Lepore, forthcoming), my April reading post, and the best books I read in April post. My job has entered a new stage of crazy, so writing will be challenging for a while, but I’m looking forward to doing more brainstorming on the potential fiction idea.

Happy writing!

Sundays Are for Writing #223

This week, I wrote two book reviews: An American Beauty, by Shana Abe and The Ferryman, by Justin Cronin (forthcoming). An American Beauty was a decent historical fiction read, although the MC felt really distant. And The Ferryman….well, I’ve decided that Justin Cronin’s writing just isn’t for me. The first 2/3rds of this book felt very “done” to me, like I’d read something similar a few times before. The last third just felt like confusing chaos. So, yeah, I’ll probably be skipping his stuff in the future.

I also wrote a post over on A Little Bit Greener: garden greenery and blooms.

My family is in town, so I haven’t been doing much reading. Hopefully I’ll make up for that in the next day or two.

Happy writing!

Sundays Are for Writing #222

I ended up working an extra day this week—and all five days were mentally exhausting—so I only wrote one book review this week, Pieces of Me, by Kate McLaughlin. (Interesting read, but it struck me as a bit sugar-coated.) I also DNFed three books (again), Where Coyotes Howl, The Dutch Orphan, and Under the Cover of Mercy. The first one, I DNFed because there was no conflict in the first 25%, the second, the POV was too distant for my taste, and the last one, the MC felt a bit haughty and distant.

I also wrote four posts on A Little Bit Greener: Green=peace of mind, Time is greener, Sometimes it’s hard to find the light, and tell them they’re pretty. I honestly didn’t realize I wrote that much this week…I ALSO binge read Kresley Cole’s From the Gave , the final book in the Arcana series, which I love.

I also did a solid bit of brainstorming on the new story idea, so I’m very happy with this week of writing!

Happy writing

Sundays Are for Writing #221

This week, I wrote three book reviews, Silver in the Bone, by Alexandra Bracken, This Isn’t Going to End Well, by Daniel Wallace, and How to Best A Marquess, by Janna MacGregor (that’ll be up tomorrow). I also DNFed four books, including This Isn’t Going to End Well, but it’s for a blog tour, so I wrote a review anyway. Also on the DNF list were The House is On Fire, The Seaside Library, and Blind Spots. I guess nothing measured up to Silver in the Bone, which I read last weekend.

Happy writing!

Sundays Are for Writing #220

This was a solid writing week: I wrote two book reviews, Fateful Words, by Paige Shelton and The Sinister Booksellers of Bath, by Garth Nix. I also wrote three posts over on A Little Bit Greener: taking the time, Gardening is greener, and I discovered. And, I did a tiny bit of brainstorming on the potential new fiction project.

Happy writing!

Sundays Are for Writing #219

This has been a great writing week! I wrote four book reviews: Five Fortunes, by Barbara Venkataraman, Once We Were Home, by Jennifer Rosner, Zora Books Her Happy Ever After, by Taj McCoy, and Oxford Star, by Laura Bradbury. I also wrote my March reading post, and my top three books I read in March. I also wrote a post over on A Little Bit Greener. I’m very happy with writing this week!

Happy writing!