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Sundays are for Writing #149

This was a solid writing week. I wrote four book reviews.

This was also a sad week: Cian, my adult cat that I’d had for 15-16 years, passed away Friday. Losing Salem (my other elderly cat) less than four months ago and now Cian has been tough. The two kittens I rescued, Poe and Puck, cannot replace my boys. Though they’re trying. As I write this, Poe is perched on my shoulder, and Puck wants in my lap.

Sundays are for Writing #146

This was an excellent writing week! I wrote four book reviews, my October reading post, and a post about the best books I read in October (You’d think with two vacations in there, I’d have done a lot more reading than I actually did.). Spending some time this weekend brainstorming writing stuff, too.

Happy writing!