Loose Ends

The first draft of the Witches sequel is done! It comes in at 135k, which is less than half the word count of the first draft of Witches. It even has a title: Shadows of Winter. The title came to me a couple of days ago, like a bolt from the blue. No, Witches still doesn’t have a title, although I’m getting glimmers of an idea in that direction. I try not to push it. It will give me its name when it wants to, sort of like my characters do. I also finished up the first draft of the werewolf story last week. I had computer issues with it that meant I lost about 15k of it, but since I was aware that the story had some issues in the front end, I decided not to worry about that (not that worrying would have done me any good at all anyway), and just put in quick and dirty summaries for the last chapters, since I know good and well there are going to be major changes made during the revision. It’s all good.

So, that leaves getting ready for NaNo as my only loose end. With two weeks left, there’s plenty of time. Except that for seven of those days, I’m gong to be out of town, and for three days before that, I’ll need to be getting ready to leave. So, that really only gives me three days to finish my outline and get everything ready for the madness. No sweat, right? Right. Ah…Need to go look at that outline again. I think I have, oh, the first chapter planned. But I do have some really nasty things in mind to inflict upon my characters…If they’d just finish telling me their names, this would be so much easier!


One thought on “Loose Ends

  1. Hello there, I tried to reply to your message on Nano but I kept getting an error message so I'm not sure if it actually went through. I think the site is probably really bogged down at the moment. Hopefully it works later!


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