We’re All Crazy Around Here

Those of us doing NaNo, anyway. So, for those of you who are, how’s it going?

Pretty well, for me. I started the month with the first four chapters outlined (just a general, phase outline), and an insane goal of 100k. I had basic ideas of how the story would end up–and that’s still where I stand, with no real idea of the ending. I’ll be figuring that out soon, though. Hopefully.

My MC, Aramina, is an accident-prone elf who gets shanghaied into looking for the missing son of an old family friend who’s been murdered. There’s more going on than Mina realizes, including something strange at the tomb of voodoo queen Marie Laveau, and the mystery man she keeps running into. Then there’s her cheating ex-boyfriend, a detective working the case, and Lorgan, her best friend (a faerie) who does his best to keep her in tiptop, dressed-to-the nines shape. When he’s not singing kareoke or getting handcuffed to his bed, that is. It’s tentatively titled Chasing Shadows, although that’s not quite right. But it’ll do for now.

Day One WC: 9,009
Day Two WC: 531 (9,540 Total)
Day Three WC: 2,832 (12,372)
Day Four WC: 1,512 (13,884)
Day Five WC: 1,558 (15,442)


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