I just finished reading Captivate, by Carrie Jones, the sequel to Need. It’s about pixies, but not cute, glittery Tinker Bell pixies. No. These are blue, have scary-sharp teeth, and sometimes eat people. Yeah. So NOT Disney-approved. But still very cool.

Zara is half-pixie, half-human. Her father is a sometimes-insane pixie king she keeps imprisoned. Nick is her werewolf/guardian boyfriend. Then there’s Devyn, another were, and Issie, who is human. Together, the four of them patrol for pixies and lock them away for the safety of their small town. But then things change. Astley, another pixie king shows up. Someone has to take over the territory left untended by Zara’s father, so the pixie kings are circling like vultures. This in turn draws the Valkyries, who are searching for warriors. Nick is a warrior. He’s determined to protect Zara, which puts him in danger. And Zara has to decide between giving in to what she fears the most to protect Nick, or remaining true to herself.

This book is an excellent read. Once I started it, there was no putting it down. The voice is light-hearted and fun, yet serious and angsty at the same time. Very fitting for a YA book. Some funny moments, lots of tension and drama, and some pretty cool relationship moments. My only issue? The fact that it ended and I can’t find out what happens. RIGHT. NOW. Can’t wait for the next one to come out! (Whenever that is.)


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