What’s On My Mind Today

Well, to be frank, money. It’s not an easy subject to talk about, but people have to pay their bills and buy food in order to survive, so it’s something we all have to have (since we don’t live in a trade/barter society). And as much as I’d like to say, about writing, “I just do it for the art,” that doesn’t pay the bills.

Don’t get me wrong, I do write for the art. Because I love to make up worlds and people, and see what happens to them. But that in and of itself doesn’t pay the bills (or at least, it doesn’t pay mine), so I need to get compensated for what I do. I’m not talking about now. Right now, I’m not actively pursuing publication or trying to make money off my writing. But in the future, I intend to.

With that end in mind, I’m trying to get together a coherent…”business plan,” we’ll call it. I have school left to finish, and a day job that pays my bills (sort of) right now, so it’s a long-term plan, not an I-won-the-lottery-so-I’m-quitting-my-job immediate plan.

But I’m having a little bit of trouble getting ideas into a coherent, plan-like form. The basic formula is the same for a non-writing job ( 1)Do the job. 2) Get paid.), but coming up with a concrete plan is messing with my mind a little bit.

So I’m looking for suggestions. People who have/are writing professionally, people who have thought about it or come up with a plan themselves, people who just have suggestions…I’d appreciate any of your thoughts. Please understand, it doesn’t have to include strictly fiction writing. I’m getting an English degree with a focus on professional writing, so suggestions for how to utilize that (columnist, feature writing, whatever) are very useful, too. I need help, and I’m not afraid to ask for it.

2 thoughts on “What’s On My Mind Today

  1. I think the first question a “writer” needs to ask is “what kind of writing do i want to be paid for?” and it seems you’ve answered that question-both kinds. The second and equally important is “how much do I want to make?” Not just today…but tomorrow…and ten years out. The “average” semi-successful fiction writer makes about 30 to 40 thousand a year. A talented writer who applies those skills in business can make 40, 80, 200k a year….and then write all they want in fiction on nights and weekends. Writing for business is one of those things that shows up in places we aren’t looking and there are many opportunities to use our love/skill and make a nice living. Im the Sr VP of Strategic Development and Marketing…nice title where 75% of my job is…writing. Interestingly every “best-seller” had some other “day job.” Reading your blogs, your reviews, I have no doubt you are a talented business writer and I think much of the financial “stress” will be relieved if you apply those skills to a business writing career while you develop your fiction and your audience. If you want creativity in business – Marketing is a great choice as is Public Relation (although harder to come by). If you prefer more focus on “your” writing, many companies pay for content articles – it’s not great pay, and it takes work to get work, but you have more free time. I will let you in on a little business secret few people know…most people in business are terrible writers and they hate to do it. Be good at writing and combine it with some content expertise and you will be the most valuable player on any team. I’ve developed a lot of leaders, email me if you can stomach anymore of my free advice lol – id love to help.


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