the demons of self-doubt

I made a bit more progress on the new story, a little more than 1,000 words or so. I love the story idea, of course (or I wouldn’t be writing about it), but sometimes I do get a little discouraged. Sometimes, my inner editor/critic/peanut gallery starts talking louder than normal, and that voice drowns out my Muse and my love for the story. That little voice says “What’s the point? You’re NEVER going to get published. Ever. You’re a terrible writer, and you write crap, and no one will EVER want to read it. Why do you bother?”

Sometimes it’s hard to silence that voice. Sometimes that’s all I can hear when I sit down at the computer. Sometimes I think that voice is right.

It’s a struggle right now, but I won’t let the demons win.

10 thoughts on “the demons of self-doubt

  1. I hear the same voice every single morning when I sit down to write. And, despite that, I’m usually able to write something at least half-decent. So now I actually anticipate the voice, let it speak for awhile, recognize that it is a lie, and then try to ignore it and keep on.

    Good luck, I know it’s really hard. It’s really the worst part of writing.

    Talk soon, Ems


      1. no problem. I wish I could say that that’s my own advice, but it’s a technique from mindfulness that actually seems to work. btw: I myself have not been “mindful” at all for months, lol 🙂


  2. Tamara. Press on, regardless of that voice. All writers experience the same thing, some more than others – even the seasoned professionals (only they have published novels that they can use to prove it wrong). The only difference between you and them is time…and persistence.


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