Does this count as “work”?

So…after being told repeatedly by several people that I needed to watch The Walking Dead because it is, apparently, the greatest show ever, I finally ordered the first season on DVD. It came in today. Now I’m faced with a conundrum: stare at the blank page of my new story, or this:

like a boss

This is a really tough choice, isn’t it? Yeah, RIGHT. So, since I’m obviously not going to be staring at the blank page, my next question is this: does watching I-don’t-know-how-many-episodes of The Walking Dead count as “writing”? Not actual writing, clearly, but research for writing? I mean, my best friend and I DID write that zombie story. And my new story DOES have zombies in it….So. Clearly this is writing-related. Win!

13 thoughts on “Does this count as “work”?

  1. Possibly the only plus point to being afflicted by the writing curse is that every activity can legitimately be classified as ‘research’.

    Well, ok, with the possible exception of sleeping. And, um, well, while there’s no denying that being dead would be a fantastic topic to babble about, it’s a bit tricky coming back from that, so experimentation with near-death is probably a bad idea, as is suicide, and, uh, well, there are some activities that one must haggle with one’s conscience about regarding their morality… ok, sorry, forget I spoke 🙂


    1. Lol…I’ve got to say, I might agree with you about the death part, but sleeping can TOTALLY be classified as working. I’ve gotten some fantastic ideas from my dreams! Thanks for commenting.


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