Bribing Myself

So, despite loads of homework and reading for school, I managed to do mini-outlines for two more chapters in the werewolf story. Progress, although of the infinitesimal, snail-like variety. Three chapters down, 29 to go…but it will get done. And I promised my best friend/co-writer that I would convert ONE chapter of our zombie story to first-person this weekend. I’m also thinking about trying out Scrivener. Anybody out there used it or have any opinions or comments about it?

I also have this sitting on my desk, waiting to be read:

Personal bribery at its best...
Personal bribery at its best…

I know, I know. The Wheel of Time series has dragged on forever. I’ve heard all the complaints. Seen all the bad reviews for the series in general. I know. Also, I don’t care. I haven’t opened it yet. IF I get all the stuff done that I need to this weekend–homework, writing, revision, blogging, cleaning, re-decorating, planting–THEN I will start reading it. If not, well, it’ll have to wait. It’s been years since I started reading the series, I don’t think a few more days will hurt me.

6 thoughts on “Bribing Myself

  1. Scrivener rocks! Try it with the free 30 trial. It is a tad complicated to begin with, but it gives you all the tools you’ll ever need for writing (except for mind mapping).

    ‘A Memory of Light’ rocks, too! I’m on chapter 15 and desperately trying not finish it all at one sitting. Having just been turned on the WOT less than a year ago I think Brandon Sanderson’s three novels are excellent – he’s added some well needed humour and the characters seem, somehow more real. Also, Nynaeve seems to be cutting back on her braid tugging, which has to be a good thing.


    1. I’m ashamed to say I got the free trial of Scrivener months ago…and never opened it. Sigh…

      I’m so excited to read A Memory of Light! Good to know it’s worth the wait. I’ve been reading the series for years, but Sanderson’s novels are definitely excellent. Thank goodness about Nynaever. That was SO annoying.


      1. I was very close to moving to Scrivener, but I know Word soooo well, having used it since 1995. It comes highly recommended, though, and a lot of long-term authors swear by it.
        I think once you use Scrivener, you may never look back.. It’s just having the determination to make the leap.


      2. From what’s been said, it takes a bit of time to ‘slide into it’. I’ve seen image manipulation and video editing software that took a lot of getting to grips with, but it was well worth it in the end. Please let me know how you get on.


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