What I Read in December

I had a pretty busy reading month in December, with 14 total books read. (I think.)

Masques and Wolfsbane by Patricia Briggs. This was on my TBR shelf for FAR too long, I’m ashamed to say. I’ve loved everything by Briggs that I’ve read.


Murky Pond, by T.L Haddix. (Read to review.)


The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett, by Chelsea Sedoti. (Read to review.)


Two Days Gone, by Randall Silvis. (Read to review.)

You Don’t Know my Name, by Kristen Orlando. (Review forthcoming.)

Beyond Boundaries, by John Townsend. (Spiritual book of the month.)


Enveloping Shadows, by Lauren D.M. Smith. (Read to review.)


Lone Wolf, by Sarah Driscoll. (Read to review.)


House of Silence, by Sarah Barthel. (Read to review.)

All Darling Children, by Katrina Monroe. (Review forthcoming.)


Don’t Tell Anyone, by Eleanor Gray. (Read to review.)


Clay Tongue, by Nicholas Conley. (Read to review.)

Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell. (As a classic, and also for my 2016 goal of reading it, again, finally. For probably the 25th time.)

Anyone read anything good lately?

Check out Anne’s post over on Modern Mrs. Darcy for some great book recs!



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