Things All Writers Understand

Just a few things from my Writing Pinterest board that all writers will understand. (I don’t own any of these images, but bless their creators, for totally understanding the struggle.)

At this point, it could be either one…
I LOVE this feeling!
It’s sad how accurate this is <looks at list of 4 planned novels for this year, including the shiny new one that happened two weeks ago>.
…one of which planned novels is the full re-write of the first thing I ever started writing…
Motivation comes in many forms.
Actually, I’m too afraid to look at my VERY first draft.
If I only I could be the first one.
Wait, I thought everyone hung upside down. You mean they don’t?
I might resemble the last picture…


5 thoughts on “Things All Writers Understand

  1. This post is so perfect. I feel all of these things constantly. Especially the ballet one. Sometimes it’s hard to be the only one upside down when everyone else it right side up.


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