To Scrivener or Not to Scrivener?

I’ve kind of been struggling to get words on the page lately. (Ironic, since it’s summer, and time off from classes was supposed to mean time to write…) I switched WIPs, from Siren Song (which is currently outlined) to The Fall ( not. Not even remotely outlined. Sigh…)

I’m just having some trouble getting myself motivated.

But I saw this post over on Ana Spoke’s blog, and it piqued my interest (Is that even the right word? Google did not help me at all here.)

Has anyone used Scrivener?  Any tips/suggestions/thoughts?

2 thoughts on “To Scrivener or Not to Scrivener?

  1. I love Scrivener. I think back to my first novel and wonder how I organized it with all those word files lol. I don’t know if it is a “motivator” per se, but definitely makes the process more efficient and if you’re a non-linear writer, it will be your new BFF. BUT it has its dangers too. The greatest of which is that one can get lost in all the whistles and bells and possibilities. Lost in the sense of the allure of tagging, organizing, keywording, playing with the index cards…oh the list is endless and certainly one of my favorite tools for procrastination lol. Overall, my vote is “yes” download at least the trial version and give it a try. It literally does everything…except write your book.


    1. thanks, Raymond. I did get the trial version, and I have to say, the index cards are a very appealing tool to me. I’m generally a linear writer, but I’d love to have all of my research/outline/notes in one easy-to-use place.


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