Renewing my (Writing) Vows

So, yeah, I’ve pretty much dropped off the radar for the past few months (Off the radar, off the planet, either way…). I’ve been busy, yes. School and work can be pretty overwhelming, definitely, but my disappearance has just as much, if not more, to do with laziness. I just haven’t felt like doing a lot of things. I want to fix that, though.  Get my sh*t together. Get back in the saddle. You know, the usual pronouncements.

This week has been spring break for me, so I’ve tried to rest a lot. With my new set of classes gearing up to start on Monday, I’ll be super busy again, but I’m not afraid to tackle a towering to-do list (Ha! I do tend to over-commit, true.). I laugh in the face of busyness! I may end up curled in a ball, whimpering, but I do have a plan. Eight more weeks of classes, then no school until mid-August. And there are so many writing projects I want to tackle this year! (Drafting, revising, polishing, all are on this list.)

I can get this accomplished. I have priorities.

Work. School. Training for my Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike in May. Holly Lisle’s motivation class (SO needed.). Re-taking How to Think Sideways with this year’s only class. Blogging. Oh, yes, and sleep. I can juggle all of that, right? Right?!

2 thoughts on “Renewing my (Writing) Vows

  1. I feel you pain, Tamara. I’ve only just gotten back into the swing of blogging. What was intended to be a few weeks break turned into several months. I’ve changed the frequency of my posts so that it won’t be overwhelming. It’s hard work for no pay, so I’d rather not resent it.


    1. It’s pretty tough to get back into it after you’ve taken a break. And NOT resenting it is definitely the goal: I’ve found that resentment nagging at me a bit, which is part of the reason for my slacking. Good luck keeping your momentum going!


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